60 Minutes Pushes Garbage Lies Again – Even Democrat Mayor Says Its Hit Piece on Florida Governor DeSantis Was “Intentionally False”

60 Minutes is a bad liberal joke.  This weekend 60 Minutes presented another garbage attack, this time against Florida Governor DeSantis.  It was so bad that even the Democrat Mayor of Palm Beach County was obliged to take issue with it.

Here is 60 Minutes hit piece from yesterday where they criticized Republican Governor DeSantis for his rollout in Palm Beach:

Unfortunately, the 60 Minutes piece is garbage. After seeing it aired, Palm Beach Mayor Dave Kerner, a Democrat refuted the piece:

Here is Governor DeSantis’s interaction with the 60 Minutes reporter, much of what was taken out of the 60 Minutes piece:

60 Minutes has a long way to go before the average American will trust their garbage reporting.



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