After Biden Loses It In Live Gun Control Speech – Even Fact Checkers Pick The President’s Claims Apart

Joe Biden is pushing new directives onto the DOJ, all in the name of gun control.

It seems Joe Biden wants to enact even more limits on the Second Amendment. But plenty of Americans are not happy about it.

To justify his attacks on our liberty, Biden gave a speech spouting off all kinds of “facts” about gun violence.

He made many gaffes during the speech. And some of the claims he made were so bad, even liberal writers had to sit up and complain.

Here are some of Joe’s “lowlights.”

From Twitter:

President Biden repeatedly calls the ATF the “AFT”

Then he makes claims that must come from another planet. Because they’re certainly not from ours. From Twitter:

Joe Biden repeats the gun show loophole myth, “you go to a gun show, you can buy whatever you want, no background check.”

After all that, Joe got quite the beatdown from fact-checkers.

From Western Journal:

Not only did Biden fail to deliver a rousing speech, but his remarks were checked for accuracy by both and PolitiFact…

“Biden falsely said that ‘you can buy whatever you want’ at a gun show with ‘no background check.’ Federal firearm dealers at gun shows must run background checks…

“It’s also worth noting something that Biden’s statement ignores: A number of states have implemented additional background check requirements that cover at least some private sales. The states include some of the nation’s most populous, including California, New York and Illinois.”

Even liberal fact-checkers were forced to contradict many of Biden’s claims during his gun control speech.

Most notable was his wild assertion that people can buy “whatever they want” at a gun show. Not even close, Joe.

Much like gun stores, sellers at gun shores have to run a background check on anyone buying a firearm.

Modern technology makes that a very fast and easy process, but it still has to be done. If someone fails a background check, even at a show, they don’t get their gun.

Fact-checkers rated Biden’s claims as “mostly false.” That’s a heavy blow to Biden’s agenda. If he wants to sell Americans on strict new gun laws, he needs them to believe his claims.

It’s worth noting that these fact-checkers are from liberal publications. They have no interest in calling out a liberal leader for false claims.

If there was any way they could spin Biden’s speech to protect him, they could have. This should show you just how wrong and off-base Biden was.

But that won’t stop him from trying to push as much gun control down our throats as possible.

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