After Democrat Impeachment Speeds Towards Acquittal – Chuck Schumer Teases Plan B With 14th Amendment

Democrats probably knew from the start that convicting Trump of impeachment was going to be impossible.

Sure, a few RINOs would go along with their scheme, but the rest of Republican senators? Really?

Do many people wonder why they even went through this charade in the first place? To bar Trump from re-election? To set a precedent that they can prosecute someone over a speech? To distract from Biden’s first few disastrous weeks in office?

(My bet is on the last one.)

But, never fear! Even after this circus is over, Chuck Schumer has a plan to keep milking the left’s Trump hate… at least for one more charade!

From Fox News:

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer Thursday did not rule out bringing legislation to bar former President Donald Trump from office if he is not convicted at the ongoing Senate impeachment trial.

Democratic senators have discussed in recent weeks that if they cannot secure the 67 votes needed to convict Trump — and bar him from holding office in a subsequent simple-majority vote — that they might invoke the 14th Amendment of the Constitution to do the same.

Wow, Chuck, you’re really reaching for it now. The 14th Amendment was designed to prevent former Confederate generals and officers from being elected in the U.S. government.

Makes sense, if you think about it. But Schumer wants to stretch this amendment to include the bogus charge that Trump “incited” an “insurrection.”

I guess Schumer wants us to believe the events at the Capitol on January 6 amount to an actual insurrection? Talk about being a drama queen!

Yes, I’m sure that guy who broke in with the horns on his head was going to establish his own government!

And if that event was an “insurrection,” what does Chuck call the hundreds of days of “peaceful protesting” in Portland? Or the “autonomous zone” in Seattle? Or the many other instances of unchecked chaos in Los Angeles, New York, Minneapolis, or Chicago?

Because we know they weren’t “peaceful protests.”

It’s unlikely Schumer and his cohorts will bother with this move. Or even if they do, they will not get a bill passed.

This sounds more like Schumer’s sad attempt to keep Trump in the limelight, as a left-wing punching bag.

Because, once they stop talking about him, the only person left to blame is Biden… and Chuck himself.

And God forbid Chuck owns up to his own mistakes!

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