After Media Accuses Florida’s DeSantis Of Corruption – Their Misleading Video Cuts Seem To Clear The Governor

Few conservatives would argue the fact that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is a rising star in the party.

The man has battled the left-wing media at the same time he’s fought the virus. Despite pressure from the media, he’s managed to keep his state’s economy alive while trying to protecting the most vulnerable.

Beyond that, he’s leading the states’ charge in battling online censorship (with Texas close behind).

How has the MSM responded? By releasing an interview that makes it seem DeSantis was running a pay-for-play scheme.

But, as you can expect, the video was deceptively edited, cutting out most of his response.

From Daily Wire:

CBS’s “60 Minutes” deceptively edited an exchange that reporter Sharyn Alfonsi had with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) two weeks ago about the way the Sunshine State has rolled out its vaccination program…

CBS edited the interaction between DeSantis and Alfonsi when she showed up to a press conference a few weeks ago and repeatedly confronted the governor. The network cut out a lengthy portion of DeSantis’ response in which he explains what happened and how decisions were made.

CBS tried to make it look like DeSantis was awarding Publix a vaccine contract, in exchange for donations to his campaign. But the outlet edited large portions of the exchange with the governor, where he clearly explained the real decision-process.

If you want to watch the hack job, here’s what CBS put out:

And here’s the full question and answer:

Shocked that CBS would stoop so low, Publix and Democrats are coming out swinging.

From Daily Wire:

Florida’s largest grocery store and a Florida state official, who is a Democrat, slammed CBS’s “60 Minutes” on Sunday evening following a deceptive segment the network aired about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R)…

Former Florida State Representative Jared Moskowitz, a Democrat, slammed “60 Minutes” over the segment, saying that DeSantis’ office did not push for selecting Publix.

Grocery store chain Publix released a statement condemning the 60 Minutes segment. They said the attacks were “false and offensive,” citing the fact that other stores and pharmacies distributed the vaccine as well.

Jared Moskowitz, a Democrat, and former Florida state rep, also slammed CBS. Moskowitz is the director of Florida’s Division of Emergency Management and would know a thing or two about the vaccine rollout.

He made it clear that DeSantis did not “push for selecting Publix.”

It’s not smart that CBS would suggest this if you think about it. All the evidence is sitting in plain sight, but they must think they can start the narrative and everyone will just eat it up.

On top of that, every state has been utilizing pharmacies, doctor’s offices, and hospitals to make the rollout as smooth and efficient as possible. Why would DeSantis try to disrupt that process, just for a kickback?

That might be the kind of thing… a Democrat governor would do!

It’s pretty sad that the once-respected 60 Minutes would stoop this low. But, what else can we expect?

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