After Pelosi Tries To Swipe Republican House Seat – Her Own Democrat Candidate Just Gave Up

We’ve been talking about Nancy Pelosi’s shocking attempt to rob another seat in the House.

A Republican won an Iowa seat in 2020. After many recounts, it was declared she secured her seat by a slim 6 votes.

Judges were involved and—despite the narrow lead—it was certified. Pelosi seemed to merely “allow” her to be seated as if this was really Pelosi’s decision.

Soon enough, old Nance decided to challenge the new representative’s place and even claimed the speaker had the power to deny someone their seat if she wanted to. I guess a fair and open election doesn’t matter?

But it looks like Nancy’s attempts to overturn an election have crashed and burned.

From IJR:

Iowa Democrat Rita Hart says she has decided to withdraw her challenge to the state’s 2nd Congressional district election…

Hart lost the election to Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R) by six votes, and the election was certified by the state.

The Democrat challenging Miller-Meeks’ victory finally withdrew, ensuring there’d be no more challenge to the Republican’s role in the House.

With Hart conceding, there is little recourse Pelosi could take to continue to undermine Miller-Meeks’ election victory.

It’s pretty odd how Pelosi at first agreed to accept the results of the election, then suddenly flipped.

I think we all know what happened. Pelosi realized that her majority in the House is far too razor thin.

In 2022, Republicans are poised to flip the House back red. Even one extra Democrat seat is a safeguard for Pelosi—who might be in her final days as speaker.

We wouldn’t put it past a politician like Pelosi to backtrack, just to grab one more seat.

In the 2020 election, Democrats lost seats in the House, including seats they thought were safe. Republicans gained seats, cutting the left’s majority to just nine.

Many moderate Democrats who lost blamed the radical left, who are becoming so prominent, swing-state voters are rejecting the entire party.

But instead of grabbing the reins of the party from idiots like AOC, Pelosi appears content to let them ride the Democrats off a cliff.

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