After Trump Asked About 2024 Election – The Former President Claims There Is ‘Hope’ For A Run, Rally Coming

As Americans watch Joe Biden fumble through speeches and “press conferences,” more and more eyes are turning back to Donald Trump.

It seems many are praying for 2024 to come as fast as possible, with as little damage done in the meantime.

Americans suffer as energy prices soar, wages drop, and the border explodes. Could all this be turned around… if Trump returns to the office?

The 45th president has been relatively quiet about his future plans. But he did give a little bit of a teaser recently.

From The Epoch Times:

Former President Donald Trump, in a new interview, suggested there is “hope” for a 2024 presidential run, although he did not specifically say whether he would again launch another campaign…

“You do have hope, that I can tell you,” Trump told her. “You do have hope. We love our country—this country. We all owe a lot to our country but now we have to help our country.”

And following that came the announcement of a new rally.


From Washington Examiner:

Former President Donald Trump says he is considering holding a rally in the near future as he continues to tease the idea of a 2024 run for the White House…

“Will we ever be able to attend another Trump rally?” Lara Trump asked.

“Oh yeah, sure, I think so,” he replied. “In fact, we’re thinking about doing one relatively soon just to let everybody know that there’s hope in the future.”

During a dark time in our government, Donald Trump is offering hope that the future can be better.

When his daughter-in-law (who is also running for office) asked about a future 2024 run, Trump said there is “hope” that he might do it.

He then revealed he was planning on doing a rally “relatively soon” in order to give hope to those who are suffering right now.

It’s no secret that the Biden administration wants to make the pandemic as painful as possible. They want the bar set very low, exaggerating the crisis, so they can use it as an excuse for Biden’s forthcoming failures.

But Trump is striking a different tone. Even as Biden fumbles, again and again, he wants Americans to look forward to the future.

That might be a Trump 2024 run. But it certainly means Trump’s ongoing involvement to help Americans. He has vowed to help America-First candidates win in 2022.

And we just might be seeing him again in the near future.

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