Alan Dershowitz Pulls Back Curtain On Democrat Impeachment – He Says The Constitution Cannot Impeach Private Citizens

This morning, Democrats announced they will be holding the second impeachment trial against Donald Trump next week.

Mitch McConnell tried to push it back, saying Trump would not have enough time to prepare a defense.

But it appears the left is eager to demolish whatever reputation Trump has left—and to quickly rush this process through. All so he can’t, perhaps, run again in later years.

But there’s a major problem with their plans and Alan Dershowitz is making it loud and clear. From The Hill:

Alan Dershowitz, the celebrity attorney who defended former President Trump during his first impeachment trial, argued Wednesday that the Senate should throw out the current article of impeachment against Trump now that he is a private citizen…

“For the victorious Democrats to seek revenge against Donald Trump would set a terrible precedent, distract from President Biden’s agenda, and make it hard to heal the country. Better to move on,” wrote Dershowitz, who is an opinion contributor for The Hill.

Constitutional expert Alan Dershowitz explained that it was wrong for the Senate to pursue the impeachment of a now private citizen. He argues that the purpose of impeachment conviction was to remove a dangerous President—but there’s the little point when the man is out of office.

He called it “revenge” by Democrats against Trump and would distract from the incoming administration. He urged the Senate to throw out the article.

But it is unlikely Schumer will heed Dershowitz’s calls. Democrats appear hellbent on exacting as much vengeance on Trump as possible—despite the fact the Senate will not be able to convict.

But they have admitted they are pushing to bar Trump from future office, which is a possible punishment they could inflict with a conviction. This seems to betray their concern that Trump could run again in 4 years and have a real shot.

It will take a 2/3rd majority of the Senate to convict Trump over the House’s one article of impeachment. That would require a sizable number of Republican senators to join the Democrats.

Considering this impeachment did not include an investigation and that Trump is now out of office, Republican leaders may think there is little reason to support it.

Yet Democrats appear to be ignoring all pretenses of due process when it comes to opposing Trump. A trial would probably only consist of angry House managers going off on Trump, rather than presenting real evidence needed to convince Republicans to vote for conviction.

Moving forward with it, as Dershowitz warned, could set up a future of weaponizing impeachment.

Do you think the Senate should continue with the impeachment trial of President Trump?

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