Alan Dershowitz Yanks The Mask Off Democrats – He Accuses Them Of Going After Constitution, First Amendment

  Alan Dershowitz is a liberal Constitutional expert. But if things keep going as they are, he might end up a full-blown conservative.

He slammed Democrats for impeaching Trump twice on dubious grounds. Frequently, he’s criticized the left for undermining or ignoring our founding laws.

Now, he’s watching as they try to destroy our most fundamental right. And he’s calling them out on it.

From Twitter:

“I’m on the side of the First Amendment for all.”@AlanDersh says “what we are seeing is an attempt to weaponize the First Amendment on one side of the political spectrum against the other side.” [with @JohnFBachman on Newsmax TV:]

Legal expert Alan Dershowitz criticized Democrats for “weaponizing” the First Amendment against Republicans.

He first pointed this out during the recent impeachment trial. Dershowitz said that Democrats were trying to condemn Trump over something he said–as if his speech could implicate him on their charges of “insurrection.”

Dershowitz warned that if they could get away with that, he’d never stop using what people said against them. The freedom of speech would effectively be gone for anyone that opposes the left’s agenda.

We’ve seen this happen a lot, lately. In the aftermath of January 6, Democrats in Congress tried to go after Republicans for simply standing up for the president.

They went as far as to try to get duly-elected politicians thrown out of office, for expressing their views on the election.

It seems liberal owners of social media sites are in lockstep with Congress. Now, more than ever, we are seeing conservatives kicked off of major sites, simply for expressing their views.

Social networks give little reason for this censorship, citing their vague and ever-changing rules.

Alan Dershowitz is not making any of this up. Democrats fear what conservatives have to say. They don’t like the idea of anyone challenging their views, especially since their majority in D.C. is so slim.

Trump might be gone (for now), but they are a hair’s breadth away from losing the House and Senate in 2022. Anyone that can call them out for their bad decisions needs to be silenced at all costs.

The only way they can succeed, however, is if we let them.

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