Ben Carson Just Took On The Woke-Swamp – He Plans To Launch Boy Scouts Alternative, The “Little Patriots”

Ben Carson is well known for his record as a respected brain surgeon. In the Trump administration, he led Housing and Urban Development.

And he was often considered an ideas man who helped propel the administration.

Now that he has returned to the private sector, he’s not done coming up with great ideas. He has been taking on the far-left swamp, criticizing Democrats’ policies in recent weeks.

He doesn’t like how they are trying to “liberalize” the Boy Scouts. So, he’s launching a genius organization. From The Washington Post:

For the most part, Carson’s newly created American Cornerstone Institute will allow the good doctor to travel the country, in an effort to heal the nation with roundtable discussions about conservative values. But one thing he’s particularly excited about is using the think tank to launch a program he’s calling Little Patriots.

“It will be something like the Boy Scouts,” he said. “But heavily exposed to the real history of America.”

Carson is utilizing the strength of his new conservative think tank to explore an alternative to the Boy Scotts.

The program, called “Little Patriots” will focus on teaching our real American history. This comes at a time when liberals within the educational system (as well as in Hollywood) are trying to rewrite our history.

With the Boy Scouts sinking under the weight of progressive policies and scandal, Carson’s goal is to enrich children’s lives with a sense of our national identity and heritage.

He is accusing the Left of trying to destroy American history. They started by destroying or banning statues, monuments, books and works of art. Sound familiar?

Many on the right feel the goal is obvious: to reshape our future in their socialist image.

But Carson wants to preserve our heritage and history, passing it down to our children.

Not many details are available about the “Little Patriots” program yet. But I have a feeling, once it gets off the ground, many people will want to be a part of it.

Are you glad Ben Carson is trying to save American history for future generations?

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