Biden Pursued By 20 Texas Lawmakers – They’re Demanding Attorney General To Sue Him Over Border

Joe Biden made a big mistake, immediately after entering office. He quickly signed orders that dismantle Donald Trump’s successful border protection.

In a matter of days, the border exploded with migrants seeking asylum. But Biden’s administration—apparently unaware that people try to cross the border—had no clue what to do.

They reopened once empty detention centers and crammed them to max capacity. (They even separated children from parents, something they condemned Trump over).

Yet still, Biden pretends like nothing is wrong.

So, twenty Texas lawmakers are letting him know exactly what’s going on.

From Fox News:

Texas GOP congressional members are calling on Attorney General Ken Paxton to file another lawsuit against the Biden Administration in an effort to block undocumented immigrants with coronavirus from entering the United States…

Those public health protections, known as Title 42, were put in place under the Trump Administration and the lawmakers accuse President Biden of failing to enforce them.

The state of Texas has been taking a leading role in battle the border crisis. With no support from D.C., the state has been forced to police the border, mostly by themselves.

The governor has surged resources to guard against border jumpers. And the state AG has launched at least one lawsuit against Biden’s knee-jerk orders.

Now, twenty Texas lawmakers are calling on the AG to sue Biden once again, this time over virus concerns.

Trump passed a rule, called Title 42, to prevent COVID-positive people from crossing the border. Makes sense, right? We didn’t want people with COVID flying into the country. Why would we want them crossing from Mexico?

But Biden doesn’t seem to care about spreading the virus via entrants at the border. This is the same man who is so concerned with COVID, he’s putting us into debt with a $1.9 trillion bill.

Yet he isn’t stopping sick people from crossing over the border.

Texas congressmen are calling on the state Attorney General to sue Biden, so that Title 42 would be reinstated.

That won’t solve all the border problems, but it will ensure that migrants are free to spread a disease that has literally crippled the world.

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