Biden’s Border Orders Are Under Fire – Tom Homan Says They’re Turning America Into A “Sanctuary Country”

President Joe Biden has signed many executive orders in his first weeks in office. And more than a few have rolled back Trump-era policies, which Democrats have been railing against for years.

This includes the topic of border security and control: it’s clear the Biden administration is going to tackle this issue very differently, as evidenced by Biden’s latest moves.

The problem is, a former top official believes Biden is once again putting America in a difficult position.

Former Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Acting Director Tom Homan spoke out against Biden’s more lenient views on border security, and this included several serious warnings.

Homan went on “Fox & Friends” this week and didn’t mince words.

He first said, “it’s no longer illegal to be here illegally,” then added that the concept of “sanctuary cities” has spread across the nation.

Via The Blaze:

Be clear what’s happening here: President Biden has declared the entire country a sanctuary jurisdiction, which means more tragedies gonna come.

Mark my word … people will be victimized by criminals that shouldn’t even be here.

This is, it’s coming. And you know, we’ve been talking about this for two years. And it’s already started.

Homan further cited an internal memo obtained by the Washington Post, which shows that ICE is about ready to use new border guidelines.

And these guidelines will lead to fewer arrests and deportations almost immediately, which many have questioned considering the ongoing pandemic.

Under the Trump administration, ICE actively sought border jumpers who committed crimes like DUI and assault. But now, it seems they’re going to mostly focus on “national security threats.”

Homan says these moves will have grave consequences, and an unnamed official told the Post: “They’ve abolished ICE without abolishing ICE.

Basically, border officials like Homan are saying that provided you can get past Border Patrol, you’ll be fine. As long as you’re not convicted of a serious felony, ICE won’t be looking for you.

Perhaps his most startling claim is that “95 percent of the criminals ICE have arrested are now off the table,” and “they’re free in the community.”

Homan and many Republicans say the Biden administration is simply ignoring the new surge at the southern border, simply “because of their own promises and their enticements.”

But the bottom line is that the security of the country could be at risk.

With Biden working to stop the construction of the southern border wall, things only get more difficult for border officials. And guys like Homan are very concerned, apparently for good reason.

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