Biden’s High-Priced Budget Plan Leaks Out – “Progressive Wish List” Includes A Tax Hike On Blue-Collar Workers

It will be one of Joe Biden’s first items on the agenda: the fiscal year 2022 budget. The deadline is coming up fast (February 1) and everyone is wondering what the budget will look like.

But Rep. Jason Smith (R-MO) already sees problems. After taking a peek at the Biden administration’s proposed budget, he’s concerned that blue-collar America will pay a hefty price.

This has been a concern of Republicans and Conservatives since the moment Biden’s victory became official.

Smith sent a letter to Biden transition chair Ted Kaufman, and he took the opportunity to lambast the proposed budget — especially the fact that it holds a “progressive wish list.”

And how will the incoming administration pay for that wish list?

With taxpayer dollars, of course. From Breitbart:

…Smith noted Biden’s planned proposal will be the ‘first true chance for the American people to see how the Biden Administration plans to pay for campaign promises and its plan to significantly raise taxes on working-class Americans to fund its agenda.’

Smith is the highest-ranking Republican on the Budget Committee, and he clearly has concerns with the proposed Biden plan.

He also called out the removal of a budgetary restraint on government spending: Democrats took it out, and now they can “spend further on climate change proposals such as the Green New Deal.”

Smith then noted the “expensive progressive wish-list” and added:

This exemption was designed as a mechanism to ram through socialist policies like the Green New Deal and other ideas aimed at hurting American workers, families, and farmers.

In other words, Smith believes Biden will really soak working-class America, simply to help fund the many progressive policies on the docket.

Right-wing politicians have been trying to stop Democrats from over-spending on their “pet projects” for years. Under the Trump administration, this seemed possible.

But with a Democrat-controlled government, it now feels inevitable that most Americans will see increased tax rates.

The only remaining question now is, how much of a tax hike will most working-class citizens see…?

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