Bill Clinton Posts Valentine’s Tweet to Hillary and it Backfires Spectacularly

Well, if there’s one thing Bill and Hillary are not, it’s the poster couple for “Valentine’s Day.”

If anything, the Clintons are the perfect example of what you don’t want to be “couple wise.”

Two corrupt people, driven by lust and greed for ultimate power, using one another as stepping stones to gain more control, and cheating, lying, and manipulating their way through life.

Bill Clinton has been accused of rape and sexual assault his entire adult life. His escapades with Monica Lewinsky are legendary for all the wrong reasons.

So, it’s probably a good idea for someone like “Slick Willy” to let Valentine’s Day go by without a lot of fanfare.

However, Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary live in a bubble and lack self-awareness, so, instead of laying low, he decided to make a public spectacle and send his “Valentine” Hillary a tweet.

By the looks of the responses, I am sure he regretted it the moment he hit “send.”

Here are just some of the comments Bill received for his inappropriate tweet:

“I’ll never, ever forgive you for lying, humiliating your wife, the mother of your daughter.”

“What an unfaithful, sad, lonely marriage. It actually makes me feel bad for Hillary..”

“I thought Monica was your valentine. You know the person you had an affair with.”


“How do you think Monica feels seeing this?”

“Bill, we know you have thousands of valentines, come on man!”

“Awwwww how cute, you only raped a couple of women on the side. Great restraint!”

“Hope ya getting the Lewenski special wild Bill”

“I did not have sexual relations with that woman”

“You stuck a cigar in an intern’s vagina… but sure.”

“Roses are red Money is green Bill Clinton flew 26 times with Jeffrey Epstein”

“Problem was u dated her only on Feb 14th. Rest of the days u chose Monica,…….”

“Is this before being faithful or unfaithful.”

“When there’s no more Oval Office BJ’s from interns gotta settle I guess”

“I guess she’s the only one that’ll have you these days…”

“Hahaha you haven’t touched her in 30 years”

Clearly, America doesn’t see Bill and Hillary” as the loving couple they’re trying so hard to be.

Up until now, our elites had no idea how much we disliked them – but thanks to social media, they do now…and that’s a good thing. ?

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