California Governor Could Get A Celebrity Challenger – Newsom’s Job Might End Up Going To Caitlyn Jenner

California Governor Gavin Newsom still faces a recall effort that has recently gained steam. Those petitioning against the Governor have obtained the necessary number of signatures.

This means they’re moving on to the next stage in the recall attempt. And even though the outcome remains unknown, many are wondering: if Newsom gets replaced, who might get his job?

Well, they probably figured it’d be another high-ranking politician — and not a celebrity.

This is someone who remains controversial in the eyes of many, and while previously active in political and social issues, doesn’t have any experience as an elected official.

However, many might also say that because it’s California, a celebrity running for office isn’t exactly news. Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger readily leaps to mind, after all.

But if former reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner announces a run for Governor, that will undoubtedly make waves.

The news comes courtesy of Axios and Breitbart, as well as an additional tidbit of info:

Former TV reality star Caitlyn Jenner is reportedly exploring a run for California governor as sitting Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom is buffeted by a recall effort.

Jenner has reportedly retained the services of Caroline Wren, a Republican fundraiser. According to Axios, Wren first met Jenner during their work with the American Unity Fund, a GOP nonprofit focusing on LGBT issues.

That last detail is an important one, especially in regards to fans of the former President:

Caroline Wren worked with Donald Trump on his 2020 re-election campaign.

Of course, Trump wasn’t re-elected but it was a very close race, and Wren certainly has the experience that may greatly benefit Jenner. That being said, the competition will certainly be stiff.

For instance, Republicans might push former acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell as Newsom’s replacement.

Sources claim Grenell is “definitely considering a run” if the recall election goes forward. And it isn’t impossible that Newsom gets recalled, and is replaced by a Republican.

There is a historical precedent for that: back in 2003, voters successfully got Democrat Gov. Gray Davis out of office, and Schwarzenegger got the job as a member of the GOP.

So, Jenner definitely won’t have an easy path to the governor’s mansion, even with Wren’s help.

Jenner rocketed to superstardom as Bruce Jenner, who won the decathlon gold in the 1975 Pan American Games, as well as the 1976 Olympics.

He then made headlines in 2015 when he decided to transition to a woman, and adopted the name Caitlyn. He’s also part of the reality TV clan, the Kardashians, having married Kris Kardashian in 1991.

Potentially, Jenner would get a lot of support from many Democrats and LGBTQ groups around the country.

That may not be enough if someone like Grenell decides to step into the ring, though. We’ll have to see if Jenner is willing to take on such big-name political veterans.

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