Chuck Schumer Is Up To A New Trick In Washington – He Plans To Jam Through Biden’s Spending By Bending Reconciliation Rule

It’s about time Chuck Schumer admitted he only likes the law when it helps him get what he wants.

And if it gets in the way of his agenda, he’d just as easily break it.

Senate procedures prevent one party from dominating the entire process. So naturally, after abusing the system, Schumer wants to get rid of it.

But he might not get his way in eliminating the filibuster. Once again, he wants to avoid working with Republicans to ram trillions of spending down taxpayers’ throats.

From Fox News:

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., is exploring how to pass President Biden’s third economic spending bill later this year without any Republican votes via an obscure Senate rule that would allow Democrats to use reconciliation again…

Democrats already used budget reconciliation to pass the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan earlier this month, and are considering using the method again to bypass GOP votes on Biden’s forthcoming infrastructure bill.

Why It’s Important:

Democrats forced a bloated bill that does little to address the virus, by using a loophole called budget reconciliation.

Clearly, they’d rather bend and break established rules to get their way. Rather than working with Republicans to craft legislation.

The current configuration of the Senate only gives Democrats a majority, with the tie-breaking vote from the vice president.

They don’t have enough votes to avoid the filibuster, which would require at least 10 Republicans to cooperate.

But over the last four years (really for much longer) Democrats have burned every bridge they had with Republicans. They have proven they’d rather bend and break rules than sit down and negotiate with the GOP.

Schumer thinks he can keep exploiting reconciliation, to force his spending agenda. But that’s a bad road to go down.

Reconciliation only applies to budget/spending bills. He can’t use it to force other legislation to pass, such as Biden’s call for gun control and election “reform.”

Schumer needs Republican support to get anything else done. But how many Republicans (even the few RINOs in the Senate) will be willing to work with Chuck after he so frequently railroads them with reconciliation?

It seems like Schumer and the rest of his party would rather force their way on these spending bills, and ruin their chance to do anything else.

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