Days After Biden Cancels Keystone Pipeline – Putin Restarts Construction On Russian Pipeline They Stopped Under Trump

If Trump was the president of America greatness, Biden just might be the opposite.

So, if Biden isn’t putting America first—who is going first instead? You might say China—and you’d be on the right track.

But it also seems that with Biden kicking Americans to the back of the line, another nation is stepping up to fill the void.

Because soon after Biden canceled a crucial pipeline, Russia started up one that had previously been on hold.

From Daily Wire:

Gazprom, a majority-state owned Russian energy company, resumed work in laying pipeline in Danish waters over the weekend after the project was halted during the Trump-era over the threat of sanctions…

“The Russian-led pipeline in the Baltic Sea has almost been completed, despite US sanctions and opposition from some EU member states,” Deutsche Welle reported. “The controversial project will double the amount of natural gas exported to Germany” from Russia.

With Trump gone, Russia suddenly feels empowered to push around the rest of the world again. It seems they don’t fear Biden challenging them anytime soon.

So, they restarted a project that will double the amount of natural gas the nation acquires.

As America begins to fall behind in energy productions, surprise, surprise, Russia starts taking the lead.

Some say Russia feared sanctions from the U.S. during Trump’s administration, so they halted a controversial pipeline.

But now that Sleepy Joe killed the Keystone Pipeline, it seems Putin isn’t afraid to dominate the energy market once again.

That means, Russia can gain control of costs for natural sources of energy, since they will soon become the world leader.

The U.S. and Europe (and parts beyond) might be forced to pay high prices for energy—thanks to Russia’s dominance.

Just think, this could have all been avoided, had Biden not “won” the election.

The Democrat claims to be protecting the environment. But really, he’s just lying down so other countries can beat us.

I don’t think we can call that leadership, can we?

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