Democrat Impeachment Of Trump Could Be Falling Apart – Even Democrat Senators Are Starting To Crack, According To Graham

Democrats ran full steam ahead into Trump’s impeachment. Some argue they are wasting precious time during Biden’s first 100 days in office.

But never let it be said that Democrats will turn down a chance to be stupid.

Their impeachment dreams, however, might turn out to be nightmares. Why?

Because they should be worried they won’t get enough Republicans on board for a conviction. From The Hill:

Only five or six Republican senators at the most seem likely to vote for impeachment, far fewer than the number needed, GOP sources say.

A two-thirds majority vote would be necessary for a conviction, something that would require at least 17 GOP votes if every Democrat votes to convict Trump.

And now, Graham says that some Democrats are getting cold feet. From Daily Caller:

“There’s more than a handful of Democrats praying that [President] Joe Biden will get on the phone and call [Senate Majority Leader Chuck] Schumer and say ‘it’s over’ because they understand this is going to blow up in their face politically,” Graham told Fox News’ “Hannity.”

Sen. Graham says that there are some Democrats in the Senate getting worried about pursuing an impeachment trial.

He said that they might be hoping Joe Biden will pressure Chuck Schumer to drop the whole thing.

Why? Because Graham said that it will “blow up in their face politically.”

Keep in mind Joe Biden ran on a promise to do better than Trump on the COVID pandemic, and a host of other issues.

Yet for the first few weeks in office, Biden won’t have Congress united under his agenda. Instead, they will be holding hearings about the impeachment of a man no longer in office.

Really? What about all those Americans continuing to suffer under COVID? What about climate change, an issue Biden claims to care about deeply?

What about immigration, the economy, and foreign policy? How can Biden get anything done, when the Senate is focused on Trump?

These are certainly the things many Americans will be thinking about, as Schumer complains about Trump’s “incitement.”

Do you think the Senate should drop impeachment?

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