Democrat Maxine Waters Just Got Caught – Reports Shows Millions In Campaign Funds Flowed To Multiple Family Members

The use of campaign funds for personal gain is a federal crime. The use of campaign funds to pay your family members working for your campaign may be frowned upon, but it is technically legal.

Democrats seem to be no strangers to using this loophole to make themselves rich off of the backs of working citizens.

And now there’s clear evidence California Democrat Maxine Waters has been paying many of her family members, including her daughter, over $1 million each over the past few years.

From Fox News:

Karen Waters received over $1.1 million for her services with her mother’s campaigns — $250,000 of which came from the most recent election cycle, reported the Federal Election Commission.

But Waters’ daughter isn’t the only family member who has profited from her time in congressional campaigns.

A 2004 report by the Los Angeles Times found that various members of Waters’ family had received over $1 million during the previous eight years, from businesses and campaigns relating to the congresswoman.

This so-called “Representative” of the people of her district seems to be happy keeping her political business transactions in the family and getting them rich off campaign funds.

Maxine seems to be using a loophole that paying your family members huge amounts of cash just because they worked for your campaign sending out mailers, something few politicians even do anymore. Would you call this a gross use of power?

We shouldn’t be surprised, though, as Democrats like Maxine are known for getting wealthy off of their constituents with false hope and false promises.

She doesn’t even seem to think anything is wrong about this, according to her own words.

“They do their business and I do mine,” Waters said during the time. “We are not bad people.”

Maxine Waters seems to be using her campaign funds to fund her family’s wealth. This is the last thing most Americans want to see in their leaders in Washington.

Politicians like Maxine Waters are being exposed for who they are and what they stand for. It’s time for Americans to do their part and demand term limits and higher standards for our leaders. Who’s ready to take back the America we know and love?

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