Democrat Senator Is Fuming At President Biden – Duckworth Claims White House Told Her No Need For More Asians On Cabinet

When Joe Biden entered office, the “woke” floodgates were open. It seems he makes his decisions based on what looks best to the left-wing media and progressives.

But even then, it was not good enough for some leftists. Democrat Tammy Duckworth promised not to confirm any of Biden’s future staff picks, if they were straight and white.


That boast didn’t last long, as the politician caved to pressure. But now, she is openly throwing Joe and his administration under the bus.

From YouTube:

Sen. Tammy Duckworth said that the White House told her: “you don’t really need any other Asians” in the Biden cabinet, on CBS on 3/29/21.

According to Duckworth, a White House official told her they “don’t need any other Asians” in the cabinet.

Apparently, Kamala Harris (who is part Indian) is enough for Joe and his colleagues to meet the Asian “quota.”

Adding other Asian staffers is apparently not on the table. We have to beg the question, why?

It’s clear Duckworth is just playing identity politics. She’s not interested in having qualified people in the administration, just those who tick all the “diversity” boxes the left cares so much about.

But the response from Biden is even more disturbing. Why don’t they need other Asians? Asian Americans have plenty to offer our country.

At a time when liberal companies are virtue signaling their “support” for Asian Americans, why is the White House turning them away?

Shouldn’t we focus on the qualifications and experience of staffers, not their race anyway?


But it seems like Biden only cares about ticking those boxes. And once he has the “Asian box” ticked, he’s going to move on.

Duckworth appeared upset about that comment but then claimed everything was alright. I guess she is more interested in keeping her relationship with the administration, than properly calling them out on this stuff.

If only we had leaders that didn’t care about race or “diversity” and only cared about doing what’s right for America.

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