Donald Trump Flattens Biden’s First Town Hall – He Claims Joe Is Either Lying Or “Mentally Gone”

Donald Trump waited until the left’s bogus impeachment blew over, before returning to the public eye. And boy did he not disappoint!

Although social media giants have banned him for life, the former president has no problem making his voice heard.

Among the many topics he spoke about, Trump discussed Joe Biden’s disastrous town hall event. Joe shocked Americans by claiming there was “no vaccine” when he entered office.

Trump had a field day.

From Daily Wire:

“Well I saw that he said that there was no vaccine when he came into office,” Trump began, going on to note that Biden himself had been vaccinated prior to taking office and that there had been at least one successful vaccine announced in November…

“So he was either not telling the truth or he’s mentally gone, one or the other and he’s getting —  actually Joe Biden is being killed on that whole thing, because even the haters said, ‘Well wait a minute, you know this vaccine was announced long before,’ and I believe he got the shot sometime before January twentieth,” Trump said.

Now that Trump’s out of office, he has no reason to hold back the punches. And he hammered Joe for claiming there was “no vaccine” when he entered the White House.

Biden himself was vaccinated days before the Inauguration. Americans were getting vaccinated by December 2020, after the FDA approved the Pfizer vaccine.

Millions of Americans were vaccinated by the end of last year, into this year. So, what is Biden talking about?

The media tried to spin his bizarre statement, trying to protect the Democrats. But Trump hammered him, saying he was “not telling the truth” he’s mentally “gone.”

Trump has been outspoken over his criticism of Biden and his possible mental state. Many people questioned Biden’s faculties, after his long history of gaffes and strange behavior.

Donald Trump seems to think Biden’s statement is the result of the man just losing his mind, perhaps. Or, the Democrat is just lying to the country.

Which could be worse? We do know Kamala Harris claimed they had to “start from scratch” over the vaccine when they entered office—another claim that even liberal fact-checkers had to slam.

After all the work Pfizer, Moderna, and other labs did to produce life-saving treatments, the administration seems to be claiming they did nothing.

Not much of a thank you, huh?

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