Green Experts Just Turned On President Biden – They Claim His ‘Infrastructure Bill’ Is Packed With Wasteful Pork

Joe Biden has already doomed our future by spending $1.9 trillion that we don’t have. But it was all for “relief” right? Not really.

Now he wants to spend even more money—claiming it’s to “rebuild” our infrastructure. (Ignoring the fact that Trump has shelled out billions over his 4 years to rebuild roads, transit systems, etc.)

We learned that only a fraction of Biden’s bill will go to infrastructure. Much of the money was going to go to “green” industries (largely run by liberal allies).

But it turns out, green experts aren’t even happy with Biden’s bill.

From Daily Caller:

Climate policy experts also told the Daily Caller that Biden’s plan to spend more money on electric vehicles and other green agenda items rather than actual infrastructure-related items amounted to “wasteful” subsidies to the green energy industry.

“This proposal aims to include as much as one trillion dollars on a green agenda and disguise it as ‘infrastructure,’” said CO2 Coalition executive director Gregory Wrightstone. “This wasteful spending is a solution in search of a problem.”

Wow. Even climate policy experts are admitting Biden’s spending plan is wasteful.

Some say that dumping money into already subsidized industries is not going to help. They actually seem to want more money put into rebuilding our infrastructure.

After all, what good are expensive, fancy electric vehicles, when all the roads are crap?

“Green” buses don’t matter when bridges can’t function.

For those that don’t know, green businesses already receive tax breaks, grants, and other government funding. They receive help for everything from research to marketing.

Yet Biden wants to pump this industry with even more cash, sparking questions from people who actually know about climate policy.

We’ve previously said this “infrastructure” bill is just a ruse to pump tax dollars into businesses owned by Democrat donors and allies.

The media might brush that off, but even climate experts are scratching their heads. At a time when every decision can make or break our economy, why is Biden doing this?

I think you know the answer.

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