Hates Cops But Loves Free Speech?? CO Liberal Activist Just Pushed One Judge Over The Edge

“Sounds like Brandt would have been better off if he’d stuck to the f-word. He’s set to be sentenced on April 6.” —Westword.

Denver Westword is reporting that local First Amendment advocate Eric Brandt “will be sentenced next week for three felony counts related to retaliating against judges.” [Westword] Yikes! Brandt is well-known here in Denver for pushing the envelope in his free speech advocacy. I guess telling judges you want to see them get shot is frowned upon.

In all seriousness, Brandt’s daring has produced mixed results in the past. He rides a bicycle around the metro parading a larger-than-life middle finger emblazoned with “F*CK COPS” on it. Naturally, this elicits visceral reactions from nearly all who see it.

Brandt has won two local court cases over free speech in recent years. He’s even found a friendly voice in the Colorado Supreme Court in a lawsuit against Denver’s district attorney. Perhaps, Eric believed his run of victories would continue. He pled guilty in his latest brush-up with authorities, which means he can’t appeal the decision to a higher court.

Check out Brandt’s antics from the chaos of 2020:

Brandt prides himself on being a ‘cop watcher.’ You and I would refer to him as an agitator. Far Left news organization, The Real News Network, ran a puff piece in January celebrating Eric’s role in the Occupy Denver movement, granting him the title of “one of the most successful police reformers in the U.S.” Obviously, the reform-defund trends hit a significant snag lately as calls for defunding the police have given way to cries to refund the police.

Agitators like Brandt somehow believe they exist outside of the laws that apply to you and me. The irony of the long arm of the law reaching out to wrangle anarchists is too rich to pass up. Maybe Eric can lecture his fellow inmates on the virtues of Marxism and Critical Race Theory.

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  1. So what’s the beef? Maxine Watters said that she was going to “take out” Trump. Anyone that has watched even one gangster movie knows exactly what she was talking about. Yet, the left Marxists praised that Congressional bloodsucker for her threats to the President of the United States. The calls by the leftist America haters to kill and hurt Trump and or family members got to be so numerous by so many public and private individuals became so numerous that it began to be accepted as a way to address the President. And now, this pinhead does what Nasty Pelousy did on a regular basis and they have charged him with felonies. One thing you can count on about the leftists is their constant dishonesty and inconsistency, not to mention their hatred for America.

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