Hunter Biden Just Admitted It – The President’s Son Confesses The Laptop Found At Repair Shop Could Be His

You might remember the Hunter Biden laptop scandal that broke a month before the election.

Social media networks scrambled to censor the legitimate story, that was published by the New York Post.

The disturbing details revealed from the story would have tainted Hunter Biden—and his father.

But the media ignored it, when they weren’t trying to discredit the story. Even though it triggered investigations.

Now, even Hunter Biden isn’t denying it anymore.

From Daily Wire:

Hunter Biden admitted during a CBS News interview that aired in part on Friday morning that the laptop at the center of a scandal could be his before promoting a debunked conspiracy theory that Russian intelligence could be behind it…

However, when the story broke last year, the then-Director of National Intelligence stated unequivocally, “Hunter Biden’s laptop is not part of some Russian disinformation campaign and I think it’s clear the American people know that.”

During an interview, Hunter admitted that the laptop found at a repair shop (which contained emails and personal photos of him) could have been his.

Yeah, because it was yours, Hunter.

After saying this, Hunter waffled, saying it could have been stolen or hacked. As if, those pictures of him—and those emails sent to his business partners and confirmed by them—were on that laptop thanks to “hackers.”

Answer me this: how does someone not know if he “lost” a laptop? Do you go around losing personal computers or other devices and not know it?

Is this guy swimming in laptops—so much so that he doesn’t realize if one goes missing?

Or is that just a pathetic excuse from a man who is trying to cover up the truth?

The information on the laptop was disturbing enough to get law enforcement involved. While no prosecutions have come out yet, it doesn’t mean we won’t hear things in the future.

Hunter Biden is doing his best to downplay his many shortcomings. Probably because his father’s handlers are coming down hard on him.

But a man with a sketchy history as Hunter can hide it all from the public. Some of the dirt will come out. And it will be bad.

But how will it impact the Biden administration?

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