Hunter Biden Just Made A Burisma Confession – During Live Interview, Hunter Claims “His Name Was Gold”

For a long time, Hunter Biden has been under heavy scrutiny for his overseas dealings with the Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

His father has remained mostly tight-lipped on the issue, though the Bidens have routinely denied accusations of favoritism or nepotism.

But Hunter’s latest comments might fly in the face of those denials.

In a recent BBC interview to promote Hunter’s new memoir, “Beautiful Things,” he talked about the impact his name has had on his career.

In the past, Hunter had complained that his family name was more of a burden than a help.

However, he seemed to admit otherwise during the interview (via Washington Examiner):

President Joe Biden’s son Hunter said his family name was “gold” to Burisma, the Ukrainian energy company that recruited him to its board when his father was vice president, even as he complained that his prominent family was a burden to him.

Hunter said he belonged to a family and not to “an administration.”

But Republicans constantly argue that without his name, he wouldn’t have managed to land such a powerful position at Burisma.

Some have even suggested that Hunter was in no way qualified for the position, something Hunter himself has denied.

He believes he was qualified, but he confessed that “his name was pivotal in his appointment.”

Biden further added that his name might’ve “opened doors that wouldn’t be opened up to other people,” which certainly sounds like he had an edge.

Hunter later clarified his comments by saying:

The Biden name is synonymous with democracy and transparency, and that’s why I said it was gold to them.

That could be true, but it now appears like Hunter admits his family name played at least some role in his overseas business.

We may never know how much of a role it played, but it’d be unrealistic to say it had no impact.

It’s also probably true that the Biden name is “both a privilege and a burden.”

But what Republicans want to know is just how much influence the family had on Hunter’s career, and if it also had an effect on foreign relations.

That’s really the crux of the matter, and the GOP still demands answers.

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