Jill Biden Trips Up On Live TV – In Front Of A Strange Flag, Jill Hacks Up The Spanish Language

Not that long ago, we had a glamorous first lady that was fluent in five languages. Melania Trump got a lot of flak from the media, but she has respected the world over for her skills and achievements.

Those days are long over. The media pretends like Jill Biden is God’s gift to the White House.

But the lady is a far cry from what we had.

Because during a recent event, the first lady butchered the Spanish language. All the while standing in front of a concerning flag.

From Daily Wire:

Jill Biden made the remarks during an event speaking to farmworkers on the birthday of Cesar Chavez…

“It’s ‘Si se puede’ (Yes you/we can) not ‘Si se pwadueh,’” RGA Deputy Communications Director Joanna Rodriguez, who is fluent in Spanish, tweeted. “I can’t even imagine what word she was trying to say.” …

After the clip went viral, journalists and commentators called attention to the flag that was behind her, which appeared to resemble Nazi imagery. The flag was the official flag of the United Farm Workers of America.

While trying to pander to the United Farm Workers of America, Jill Biden messed up trying to say “Yes we can” in Spanish.

Spanish-speakers were quick to call her out, ridiculing the woman for her pathetic attempt to win over those who spoke Spanish in the audience.

But why did she try to speak Spanish—when addressing American farmworkers? I mean, we all know Biden and his Democrats care more about outsiders than citizens—but do they really have to flaunt it so often?

And why, of all flags, did they pick one that looked so ominous?

DELANO, CA - MARCH 31: First Lady Dr. Jill Biden participates in a Day of Action at The Forty Acres with the Cesar Chavez Foundation, United Farm Workers, and the UFW Foundation on Wednesday, March 31, 2021 in Delano, CA.Kent Nishimura / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Viewers pointed out how it resembled certain imagery from the Nazi party. But apparently, it was designed by labor organizer Cesar Chavez’s brother.

That makes sense. Communists have a lot in common with other cruel, dictator-like regimes. The real question is why didn’t they just put up an American Flag?

Do you know you’re in America, right Jill? And having a strange, labor union flag behind you, instead of an American Flag, isn’t great.

But should we be surprised about any of this? Many Americans question whether the Biden administration is a real presidential administration.

So much about it feels fake, forced, or poorly-planned. Clearly, they have no clue what they are doing on the border—or on any other issue.

Botching this event is simply par for the course.

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