Kamala Harris Accused Of Being Distracted From Her Work – Instead Of Helping With Border, She’s Busy With 70,000 Square Foot House

Joe Biden claimed there was no crisis at the border. Then he appointed Kamala Harris to “handle it.”

(I guess he doesn’t care about the border, considering he picked her to deal with it.)

But the moment she was picked for this job, she became MIA. Where is she? Why isn’t she updating the country? What important decisions has she made?

We know she refuses to even travel to the border. Apparently, she doesn’t have much else on her schedule.

So, what is she doing? Reports say she’s very occupied, with her house.

From Daily Wire:

While Harris took office on Jan. 20, she and her husband have not moved in to the vice president’s mansion because it is being renovated…

The renovations are taking longer than expected, but Harris might be partly to blame…

“Two administration staff with knowledge of the ongoing updates told CNN that Harris — who likes to cook — requested work be done on the kitchen, “CNN reported.

“If I’m cooking, I feel like I’m in control of my life,” Harris once told New York Magazine’s “The Cut.”

Apparently, Harris and her husband are living at the Blair House, because renovations are happening at the vice president’s mansion.

According to reports, the work is being dragged out, because Harris wants more work done on the kitchen.

The country is in turmoil. The border is in chaos. But Harris is worried about making omelets.

You really can’t make this stuff up.

Millions of dollars of taxpayer money are being spent on making sure Harris’s dream kitchen is being installed in the VP mansion.

Chances are, she won’t even be able to use it. Yet that is more important to her, it seems than doing anything to help the American people.

It doesn’t seem Harris has done much of anything as VP. Except for giving a few weak interviews and laughing at our nation’s misfortunes.

Like so many other career politicians, she is more concerned with her own comforts than with leading.

This is reminiscent of Nancy Pelosi, who showed off her $20,000 fridge, as Americans lost their jobs.

Can we kick Harris over the border? I think that will greatly improve the country.

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