Kamala Harris Loses It On Live TV – She Laughs Uncontrollably About Parents Struggling With Kids At Home

I think by now Americans are realizing what kind of putz are in the White House, right now.

First, it was Sleepy Joe and his endless gaffes and “misquotes.” Now, it’s Creepy Kamala and her disturbing cackles.

The woman has all the charisma of a sea slug. She either has the worst nervous tick in history, or she is cruelly dismissing the pain of Americans.

She just can’t help but laugh when talking about crises like the border or the problems American parents face.

In fact, she laughed when asked about how parents can’t get an education for their kids.

From Daily Wire:

Vice President Kamala Harris laughed during recent remarks she made at a childcare center in Connecticut while speaking about how the pandemic has caused parents to realize the “value of educators” and that affordable child care is “a big deal.”

Wow. That was painful to watch. I don’t know what’s worse, Harris’s pained attempts to talk and sound like Barack Obama or her insultingly dismissive laughter at parents struggling to educate their children.

It’s hard to believe anyone supports a woman like this, who is so uninformed on what’s happening in America.


She got low approval and support during the Democratic primaries. Now, we can see why.

Harris either doesn’t care about how Democrats are depriving children of quality education, or she is so bad at her job, she can’t help but laugh.

What isn’t funny is that she and her partner Biden’s administration is doing nothing to improve the lives of Americans.

They continue to push irrational lockdowns in blue states, where schools provide subpar “online classes” to struggling children.

Biden has no clue what is going on, but continues to claim the pandemic should cause us to hide in our basements.

Harris might be even worse, laughing at Americans and doing very little leadership.

Do you want to know what’s really funny? Anyone that thinks this is a real presidential administration.

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