Leo Terrell Slams CDC Director After She Declares Racism a “Serious Public Health Threat”

Democrats are pushing the premise that racism is a public health issue hoping Americans will buy it. Declaring racism, a public health issue is all about money, and as Leo Terrell says in the video below, “it’s pure politics.” The push has been on from many organizations and the media to make this claim believable, but Americans like Terrell smell a rat.

The CDC is using this political move to fund their cause. CDC Director Walensky recently said the agency was using COVID funding to invest in communities of color, as well as other disproportionately affected groups, to address the disparities. The agency also added a new section to its website dedicated to racism and health, with the hope of drawing more attention to the issue.

Recently, the state of Michigan also declared racism a public health issue, and of course, millions in state funds will go toward this latest political boondoggle by Democrats.

Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell called out Biden’s CDC Director, Dr. Rochelle Walensky after she claimed racism is a public health issue:

“She is lying; it is pure politics; it doesn´t exist. Everything in Biden´s administration is race.”


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