Nancy Pelosi’s Closet Spills Open – Biden’s New $2T Bill Could Personally Profit Her Family From Recent Tesla Stock Buy

Boy, oh, boy Nance. The speaker thinks because he’s the most powerful Democrat woman in the House (and the country, frankly, since Kamala is MIA), she thinks she can do what she wants.

It seems she even expects the media will turn a blind eye to her possible corruption.

She’s probably right about that. But it won’t stop us from covering it.

As you can expect, Pelosi is pushing Biden’s massive infrastructure bill. This bill will provide only a fraction for actual infrastructure, and billions and billions for the left’s wish list.

And it just so happens to provide a big boost for a company old Nance’s husband just “stocked up” on.

From Fox News:

Biden last week announced his grandiose spending bill, which reserves $174 billion as subsidies for electric vehicles, charging stations and similar policies…

Back in December, Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, invested between half a million and $1 million in the famous electric car company Tesla, financial disclosures show.

Due to the massive electric car subsidies proposed in Biden’s infrastructure plan, Tesla is poised to be a big winner from Biden’s plan should it go through.

Well, well, well, look what we have here!

Just a few months ago, Pelosi’s husband, Paul, bought a huge chunk of Tesla stock.

Tesla, as you know, is an electric car company. And it is poised to get a boatload of subsidies if Biden’s bloated plan becomes law.

This means, Tesla will be making bank—thanks to Biden—and Pelosi’s husband may get some of that windfall.

Did we fail to mention that Pelosi has been championing Biden’s plan all up and down Washington?

Hmm… do you see any conflicts of interest in this sequence of events?

Even climate experts were shocked to see the amount of money Biden wants to give to electric vehicle companies in his “infrastructure” bill. They even said the money was better spent on roads and bridges.

Now, we might be seeing why Biden is so eager to dump hundreds of billions into “green energy” like Tesla. Because at least one Democrat in D.C. will be benefiting.

This is the kind of stuff that ticks Americans off all day long. These liberals go on and on about how righteous they are—more than hard-working Americans.

But behind the scenes, these types of shady “coincidences” keep happening.

And the left wonders why we vote for Trump.

Do you think Pelosi should be held accountable?

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