Nancy Pelosi’s Majority Just Took A Hit – Her House Problems Throw Biden’s Plans Into Doubt

Pelosi knows she has a shrinking window by which she can get her agenda through.

In the next two years, she wants to ram as much progressive legislation through the House as possible.

Because, after that, she’s likely to not only lose a Democrat majority but her speaker’s gavel once and for all.

She only has a scarce majority (six seats at the moment) and even if there’s a minor blowback, she can lose it. And that majority is even slimmer for major legislation.

All her plans might get stopped in the House even before they reach the Senate. Her majority is shrinking and a few moderate Dems could slam the brakes entirely.

From Fox News:

The death Tuesday of 84-year-old Democratic Rep. Alcee Hastings of Florida further reduces the Democrats’ already perilous majority. What started out at the beginning of the year as a slim 222-213 margin is now temporarily down to 218-212.

That means the Democrats can currently lose just two votes and still be able to pass legislation along party lines.

Because of the shockingly slim majority, Democrats have in the House, they really can’t afford to lose a single Democrat.

With future special elections up in the air, even a small shift in power can mean disaster for power-hungry Pelosi.

And there is still the question of how moderate Democrats will vote. This development makes those moderates far more politically powerful.

Plenty of Democrat House members come from either swing states or deeply red states. They are holding onto their seats by the skin of their teeth.

Some moderate Dems might become too squeamish about supporting the massive spending Pelosi and Biden want.

Some folks back home are already ticked off that Biden and Nance are bowing to the progressive left. Any more drastic bills might sink them.

It’s possible that Pelosi won’t be able to coerce every one of her Democrats to vote for her blowout bills.

Worse still, more vacancies might open up in the coming years, giving Republicans an early chance to strike back.

Do you think Pelosi will star failing sooner than she expected?

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