NFL Superstar Herschel Walker Sends Biden Spinning – He Just Showed Joe That All Americans Need A Basic ID

Herschel Walker has been a big Trump supporter for many years, as well as an icon in professional sports.

But these days, he has become a rare voice of common sense in a world full of nonsense and misinformation.

Democrats, including their leader Joe Biden, love to call voter ID laws prejudiced because they supposedly prevent minorities from being able to vote.

Walker isn’t buying that claim. In fact, he just blasted the left’s pathetic argument with some hard truth—and made my day!

From YouTube:


You tell them, Herschel!

Walker blasted a hole in the Democrats’ argument that requiring ID to vote is prejudiced against minorities. He explained, as we all know, that Americans need an ID to do just about anything in modern life.

He explained that even his grandpa, who would be 117 today, had a driver’s license to get around.

And coming from a guy like Walker, that carries a lot of weight. I mean, even Biden, who many think is losing his marbles, carries around an ID, right?

Why do Democrats push this idea that minority Americans can’t or won’t get a simple piece of identification?

Walker goes further to say that Democrats, instead of arguing over voter laws, should be helping poor folks get an ID, if they are having trouble getting one.

That’s a pretty reasonable thing to be asking, right? If Democrats claim we shouldn’t have voter ID laws because some Americans don’t have a valid ID, they are addressing a much bigger problem.

Those people can’t drive a car, rent an apartment, buy alcohol, board a plane, pick up sports tickets, and much more.

If Democrats are so concerned about these folks when it comes to voting, shouldn’t they be concerned for them in all these other areas?

Evidently not. Instead of helping folks acquire valid ID, Democrats seem intent on keeping voting rules as loose as possible.

But if you have a valid ID, what’s there to worry about? As long as any American can get a valid ID to prove their identity, then we don’t have a problem.

Walker understands this, as do you and I.

The only people who don’t, it seems, are those who could benefit from a less-secure election system.

Do you support Voter ID laws?

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  1. The focus and interest of the extreme leftists, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and the Deathacratic Party, is exploit the here and now. All because they can. The no identification cards policy is to use for their benefit. They don’t care who votes.

    They lied and cheated their way into the White House. The fraudulent president Joe Biden and his fraudulent Assistant vice KH, coupled together is a Trojan horse. They are the front persons. Figure heads. We all need to find out who is really running our country.

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