One Capitol Hill Police Officer Dead, One Injured, Suspect Shot and Killed

The United States Capitol was locked down on Friday due to an “exterior security threat,” as the United States Capitol Police (USCP) said two officers were injured after a car rammed into them. One officer died of his injuries, sources tell Fox News. 

Sources said the suspect exited his car wielding a knife and was shot by the USCP, dying of his injuries.

Fox News is told security officials believe the suspect was a “lone wolf,” not connected to any other group. 

“You may move around the buildings but stay away from exterior windows and doors,” it also said. 

Capitol Police outside of the building were seen tending to at least one person on the ground, with at least two stretchers rolled out and large amounts of law enforcement and first responder activity. 

At least two people were pushed on separate stretchers into two separate ambulances, which have left the scene. 

USCP said the suspect and two injured officers were taken to the hospital. 

Read the full report at Fox News.

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