President Biden Just Crossed The Line In Texas – He Uses Civil Rights Act To Slam Brakes On Highway

If there was any progress that started under Trump, Biden is grinding it to a halt.

We’ve seen Biden frequently interrupt or cancel projects from the Trump administration. That includes the direly needed border wall.

He’s also canceled projects that meant thousands of jobs, including the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Well, add this to Joe’s “destroy America in four short years” list.

Texas needed improvements to a major highway system. They were in the process of doing just that.

So, Biden put a stop to it.

From Breitbart:

President Joe Biden’s Department of Transportation (DOT) has paused a highway widening project in Houston, Texas, citing Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as legal justification…

Biden’s transportation secretary, Pete Buttigieg, claims he will make what he calls “systemic racism” the centerpiece of his time at the department, consistent with Biden’s Executive Order 13985.

Biden stopped the expansion of a highway in Houston, on the grounds that it is racist.

Yep, you heard that right. Joe Biden’s transportation czar, the corrupt Pete Buttigieg, is targeting Texas over a new highway project.

A study revealed that the highway expansion would displace homes and businesses. While that is not uncommon for a project of this scale, Biden pitched a fit because most of the people affected were black or Hispanic.

There is nothing racist about expanding a highway. And when the government does this, they compensate residents and provide means for relocation.

But those kinds of considerations are being taken by Biden. This isn’t about a highway or a needed project.

This is about Biden abusing civil rights laws to control the country.

Democrats have shown themselves to be power-hungry dictators all last year. They use whatever they have at their disposal to undermine our liberties.

Texas, one of the few remaining bastions of freedom, is enemy number one to Crooked Joe. If they can get away with blocking this project on “racist” grounds, there’s no telling how he will twist the law to turn the country into a virtual police state.

But signs point to Biden losing if the courts get involved. His radical administration would have to prove how a highway is “racist.” While the loons in D.C. might buy that, most Americans won’t.

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