Supreme Court Justice Turns On Democrats – Court Packing Will Hurt SCOTUS, According To Breyer

Democrats in Congress, like old Chuck Schumer, seem to have one goal in mind: radically reshaping America. Many have even admitted it. They want to reshape our economy and our way of life.

It doesn’t seem to matter that many Americans tell them they’re against this. And Democrats have made it clear they don’t plan on compromising with Republicans on any legislation.

Instead, they’re willing to abandon basic rules and norms they once praised, either by using reconciliation over and over or getting rid of the filibuster.

One major move they want might ruin our last barrier against tyranny forever. But one liberal Supreme Court justice is pushing back on their scheme, just as RBG did.

From Daily Wire:

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, a registered Democrat who was nominated to the court under former President Bill Clinton, said this week that the push from the political left to pack the courts will only “diminish” the public’s confidence in the court and the rule of law and will hurt the court’s ability to serve as a check against the other branches of government.

Justice Breyer, a Democrat and Clinton appointee, criticized packing the highest court in the land.

He warned that such a move would damage the public’s confidence in the court and upend the rule of law. It could also prevent the court’s Constitutional-mandate to serve as a check to the presidency and Congress.

No wonder Democrats are pushing for it. It seems they would much prefer a liberal majority that will legislate what they want from the bench.

To cram the SCOTUS with additional liberal justices would throw the court out of balance. It means there would be enough votes to overrule any challenge to the radical laws passed by Congress and Biden.

Democrats seem determined to do anything to achieve their agenda and radically transform America.

The great irony is that many of the Democrat leaders pushing this, such as Biden, Schumer and Pelosi, are 70 or older. They might not live to see the damage their decisions may cause.

But at least one Democrat, Breyer, is willing to speak out.

Do you agree with Breyer that the Supreme Court should not be packed?

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