Team Trump Just Dragged Pelosi Into Impeachment Mess, After Dems Suddenly Changed Rules

The Dems want to change rules – okay, Team Trump has a plan to bust this whole thing wide open…and drag Pelosi down in the process…
Suddenly, after Pelosi was listed as a witness, the Senate has done an about-face and they now don’t want witnesses.

They just came to a new agreement and will cancel the witness plan, and just hold the vote today.

The Dems got their butts handed to them by Team Trump during the sham impeachment trial.

And now, as they desperately clammer to try and recover from the blows, the GOP establishment has come to their rescue and voted to suddenly allow witnesses.

Here’s what the Dems new plan of attack boils down to:

‘The left, led by CNN, is launching a new false reality attack on Trump in attempt to salvage the impeachment trial Their plan is to employ the Double Hearsay Strategy to claim Trump privately supported the riot We already know this is false, but they are going for it”

But Team Trump is ready for it – thus far they have 301 witnesses on their list…and counting.

And look who is at the very top of the list:

Speaker Pelosi.

There are a lot of questions for Pelosi – people want to know what she knew about the Capitol attack and threats and when — and also what did she do or not do to address the threats?

Here’s what Ted Cruz said should happen (looks like he and Ted Cruz are on the exact same page):

“If the House Managers call Rep Herrera Beutler as a witness, the first witness Trump’s lawyers should call is Nancy Pelosi. Several Qs she should answer: What did you know about threats to the Capitol? When? Did you turn down national guard because of “optics”?”

Word has it these changes to the impeachment will now take months to complete the process.

The Dems and GOP are doing this to try and keep President Trump quiet because they know he won’t likely go “public” during the impeachment. They also want to keep it in the news and try and spin it for their own good.

And finally, the GOP really, really wants President Trump convicted, so anything extra they can throw out there that may help reboot that cause, they’re willing to do it.

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  1. GOP should Impeachment again Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris, Nancy, Chuck Schumer has taken advantage of powers to commit many crimes in their service Times

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