Ted Cruz Just Drained The Texas Swamp – In First Quarter, The Senator Hauls In Over $5.3 Million

With Trump out of office, the liberal media is looking for its next popular conservative to bash.

They thought it would be Ted Cruz. After all, the left made a big deal out of his trip to Mexico, right as Texas suffered a historic freeze.

The MSM and his liberal rivals tried to hype up this story to damage Cruz’s reputation. Instead, it doesn’t seem like their attacks have managed to put a dent in this senator’s hide.

Because it looks like old Cruz is riding high.

From Fox News:

The two-term Republican senator from Texas and 2016 GOP presidential candidate announced on Tuesday that he raised a massive $5,317,000 in the January-March first quarter of fundraising (Q1) this year…

Cruz reported having more than $5.6 million cash on hand.

Cruz announced that his re-election campaign and PAC raked in a massive $5.3 million in contributions in the first quarter of 2021. That was around the same time that the media tried to smear Cruz over his Mexico trip.

You might be thinking, “Oh sure, Cruz’s long-time supporters weren’t going to abandon him.”

Guess what? Cruz reported that this massive haul came in part from 61,888 first-contributors. Meaning, those are people who never gave money to his campaign before.

We can conclude, from that, that the intense attacks from the media only raised Cruz’s profile among Americans.

Cruz’s spokesman noted that contributions came from “hardworking men and women across the country.” It’s not just Texans eager to support Cruz, but Americans all over the country.

Cruz has also been in the media recently for his attempts to expose the border crisis. He led a team of 18 senators to the Rio Grande, where they took video footage of the deteriorating conditions.

As Biden tried to hide what was going on at our border, Cruz led a charge to expose him.

That certainly impressed plenty of Americans, who are looking for conservatives to step up to protect the border, now that President Trump is out of office.

Cruz has been known as a long-time supporter of both President Trump and conservative issues. This significant war chest suggests that there are plenty of Americans who are on Cruz’s side.

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