Texas Democrat Mayor Just Cattle-Branded Biden – Joe Is HUMILIATED

It’s safe to say Biden’s administration is already a failure. Just two months into his term and he’s managed to get all Republicans to turn against him.

And even the liberal media is souring, as he prevents them from viewing the crisis on the border.

Some Democrats are even betraying him, leaking photos and audio. Not to mention publicly calling him out on his lack of leadership.

It started when a liberal congressman leaked photos of migrant kids in plastic “cages.” Now, Bruno Lozano, a Democrat mayor in Del Rio, TX, is literally branding Biden.

From YouTube:

Mayor Bruno Lozano, a Democrat, referred to the ongoing border crisis as “a Biden border crisis.”

Some D.C. insiders have tried to deflect from the deteriorating situation at the border. Pelosi even claimed that it was Donald Trump’s fault.


But people who live near the border do not have the luxury of covering up Biden’s sins. They saw how the border was under control during Trump’s administration.

Now that Biden’s reversed all of Trump’s decisions, the border is out of control.

We have a national security and humanitarian crisis on the border. Biden has thousands of illegal aliens rushing the border.

Because he refuses to deport them or have them wait in Mexico, he has no place to put them.

Children are separated from their families. Migrants are crammed cage-like stations, with no ability to avoid infection.


Photos revealed many of them sleeping on the floor. Biden is willing to pay $86 million in your money to put many of these illegals up in hotels.

Should we be surprised that Lozano is calling Biden out over this? His city is one of the many that suffers first from an explosion of illegal immigration on the border.

But it won’t stop at Del Rio. Biden is already shipping illegals into the heart of the country. Many of them are coming to a town near you.

In a year to two, how many millions will be overrunning our communities?

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  1. There will come the day that the Democrats shall reap the whirlwind. And the innocent will suffer from it.

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