Texas Special Election Just Got Swamped – A Congressional Race Down South Gets Overwhelmed By 23 Candidates

A seat has opened up in the state of Texas. A Republican in Congress, Ron Wright, died due to the pandemic.

There will be a special election to replace him. And Democrats, desperate to save their shrinking majority, are trying to gobble up the seat.

But it looks like they were a bit too eager to jump at this chance. Because the election is already a complete mess. From IJR:

The race to succeed the only sitting U.S. congressman to have died from COVID-19 has drawn a free-for-all of 23 candidates in a Republican-leaning district of north Texas…

With so many people competing to represent the suburban Dallas-Fort Worth area, the special election is expected to produce a summer runoff between the two top performers. The contest could pit a Republican against a Democrat or feature two Republicans, depending on the results of the May 1 vote.

Twenty-three candidates are eager to grab the seat vacated by Ron Wright.

So many people for just one congressional seat? Guys, you need to calm down.

The seat is in a Republican-leaning district in North Texas. Odds are, a conservative will seal the deal.

But Democrats seem to be gunning for it too—it it looks like they want to use this as a domino to turn Texas blue.

A longshot, to say the least. Democrats still have a long way until they turn a deeply conservative state like Texas into another California-like nightmare.

But it looks like they will be doing everything they can to make that a reality.

Democrats have a very slim majority in the House. Pelosi is probably worrying what might happen come 2022. Every extra seat can protect them from losing the majority.

But will they be able to flip this conservative district?

Keep in mind, Texas has a more solid election system than states like GA. This is not going to be a loosey-goosey race where ballots “conveniently” show up at the 11th hour.

It could lead to a runoff in the Summer. What we can predict is that Republicans can’t get lazy—they will have to fight to keep this seat.

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