Video: Dan Bongino Just Ended Poor Geraldo Rivera On Live TV

Well, it’s been nice knowing your Geraldo, may your weird career rest in peace 🤣

It’s been a rough week for scatter-brained liberal nutjob Geraldo Rivera.

Geraldo is becoming more and more like Juan Williams, isn’t he?

He’s a hysterical, nonsensical emotional windbag, and everyone is trouncing him.

Just last week, Geraldo got into a back-n-forth with civil rights activist Leo Terrell and basically told him that he’s not black enough.

That’s right – a man who opens empty vaults for a living is telling a famous civil rights attorney that can’t relate to the black community.

Geraldo took a brutal beating over that one, folks.

And he’s back for more – this time against conservative powerhouse Dan Bongino…and things ended the same way for Geraldo this time, too.

As per his usual, Geraldo is trying to turn everything under the sun into a “racial” matter.

The discussion involved the shooting of Duante Wright. Police released bodycam footage, that showed the young man getting fatally shot while resisting arrest.

As Dan Bongino points out, it appears that the white female officer was attempting to use her taser gun on the suspect, but used her gun instead and ended up killing the young man as he resisted arrest.

But in Geraldo’s world, it was all “racist.”

Dan Bongino –  a man with a deep, deep law enforcement past – disagreed and set Geraldo straight, and completely destroyed him in the process.

Once again, poor Geralodo gets annihilated on live TV. When will this man learn?

You can watch the video below:

Now, I’ve watched the bodycam footage. It didn’t look “racially motivated” at all. It looked like a scared and jumpy cop who reacted in a split-second to a suspect that broke free and lunged into his car – and as a result, a deadly tragedy occurred.

We can argue until the cows come home over how this could have been better handled – and we should – but to start throwing “race” into it, is just another distraction, that will cause more hate and take the focus off of what really happened…just like with George Floyd.

I know this will not be a popular stance, but there needs to be regrouping with the police. Ever since COVID came out, we’ve all watched as police officers became these really robotic/regimented order takers and have really lost the “humanity” aspect of their job. Yes, it’s hard and scary, and I couldn’t do what they do, but there’s room for improvement.

And on that note, there needs to be some serious education and outreach within the black community to teach this younger generation how to interact with law enforcement.

This isn’t a game, and if you resist arrest (no matter what your skin color) you raise the risk of you dying by A LOT.

Cops aren’t your pals or your parents, they don’t “know” you and how you “act.”  If they feel threatened, in a split second, they will react. They want to go home at the end of the day, too.

Both sides – police, and community – need to make some changes and do better.


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