[VIDEO] Newly Released Video Sheds New Light on Female Veteran Shot at DC Protests

New video footage has been released of the movement when Ashli Babbit was shot and killed by Capitol Police inside the Capitol building on Wednesday. The 14-year female veteran was attempting to break into a hallway via a broken window when she was shot in the throat and killed by Capitol Police:

I know this is tragic, especially with Babbit being a 14-year Air Force veteran, but you can’t storm a hallway just feet away from where an active session of congress is taking place. What do you think they are going to do? The Capitol Police have to protect members of Congress with their life, that’s their job. Babbit obviously got caught up in the moment and made a very poor decision, which unfortunately cost her her life.

I tell the truth even when I don’t want to….

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  1. Still didn’t have to shoot her, they didn’t shoot people in violent antifa riots, they could have used rubber bullets, or tear gas, a warning shot in the air. Where is the outrage for her? Cowards in congress. Our representatives are not doing their jobs, they are covering up and not listening to the American people, so the people are fed up- that is our building, we pay the government to do a job, a job they are clearly failing at, and they all need to be fired. Who ever shot her will have to live with the fact they killed a female veteran fighting for truth and liberty in a corrupt system, it’s disgusting.

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