[VIDEO] Tucker Carlson Blasts The Biden Administration ‘Infrastructure Bill’ : ‘Call Me Literal

Tucker Carlson’s new show debuted this week, according to Fox News.

Carlson said that the Biden administration and Democrats are lying about a new spending bill.

Carlson said, “There are a couple of levels. One, call me literal, I’m infuriated by the lying. Our roads and bridges and airports and train stations are a disgrace.”

“They don’t befit a great nation like ours. We should rebuild them. I don’t think anyone is against that. ”

“But this is not an infrastructure bill. It is a green energy, Green New Deal, and reparations bill. It calls for tearing down a highway because the highway is racist? Probably transphobic too?”

“If you want a reparations bill, if you want a Green New Deal, just say so, and let’s have the debate, but don’t call it an infrastructure bill because it’s not.”

“The second point I would make is like, at what point do we actually destroy the economy for good by spending money that we print from the Federal Reserve?”

“Hyperinflation, we already have it. Look at the prices of commodities and cryptocurrency, look at the prices of building materials, oil, real estate prices. Asset prices, hard, tangible asset prices are skyrocketing.”

“It’s called inflation and makes it much harder for the average person to live in this country, to afford to eat, or live somewhere. ”

“That is a huge deal. It’s not captured in the official numbers out of Washington which are a lie by design and that is the result of modern monetary theory, which by the way, was practiced by the last administration too, it’s been going on a long time.”

“We can’t sustain this much longer before it actually melts down. And like, any person involved in finance or the economy or who does numbers for a living will tell you that candidly. Nobody says it on TV and I don’t know why.”

More from Fox News:

Fox News host Tucker Carlson, whose new show on Fox Nation debuted this week, said Friday on “America’s Newsroom” the Biden administration and Democrats are lying about a new spending bill touted as a way to fix the nation’s aging infrastructure and transportation systems.


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