(VIDEO)Black Panthers Members Enter Asian Nail Salon in Milwaukee — Threaten, Harass and Terrify Asian Workers and Customers

Black Panthers members were filmed in a Chinese shop in Milwaukee harassing and threatening the Asian workers, demanding they not to make fun of Black Lives Matter or black women. 

A video is going around social media showing some individuals with “The Original Black Panthers” decals on the back of their jackets.

This video was originally posted in January 2021. It took place at Jade’s Nails Salon in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The individuals wearing the black jackets are in an Asian nail salon where they are complaining about how the shop personnel treated a black woman the day prior.
We are searching for more details on this incident.

The largest Black Panther member tells the workers,

“The owner ain’t here?  Well, I’ll be back.  Make sure you tell him to be here and you (speaking to an Asian man in the background).  You ever disrespect a black woman again, we’re going to shut you down!  Calling black women bitches.  Yeah, I’m talking to you.  You know you did it.  And then making fun, “Black Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter”.  You know what I’m talking about.  Am I right or am I wrong?”

Obviously, this panther has not listened to any rap recently.



What a frightening display of aggression and tyranny.  Who really knows what happened the day before to cause this event?  Something tells us the Asians weren’t the aggressors.


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