WATCH:Fauci Receives Covid Vaccine Live on TV -Then the Next Day He Forgets Which Arm Received the Shot

This past week Dr. Fauci claimed he took the coronavirus vaccine.

But the next day he forgot which arm he got his shot in.

The bizarre thing is the Dr. forgot which arm he received the shot on and claimed it was a bit sore?


During an interview with CBS News on Wednesday, Dr. Fauci revealed he experienced a sore arm after being jabbed.

“I actually feel quite good,” Fauci said. “I do have a little bit of a sore arm after the vaccination.” He then explained that initially, he had no reaction. “I felt absolutely nothing,” he said. However, “about maybe six to eight hours,” that changed. “Towards the late afternoon, I started to get soreness in the arm,” he continued.

“This is very typical of vaccinations,” he explained. “The same thing happened with other non-COVID vaccines that I’ve had over the years.”

“I felt a little bit achy, but nothing to be bothering or distracting me,” he continued. “Went to bed last night, had a good night’s sleep, woke up this morning. The only thing I have is just a little bit of soreness in the arm. Otherwise, I’m doing really well.”

When asked about other potential side effects, he pointed out that most are temporary and not to be worried about.

“You have to look at the history of vaccinology and say, ‘When do you get toxic or adverse effects,’” he said. “You get the first immediate, like the pain in my arm that I’m feeling this morning, that’ll be gone tomorrow.”

He then explained that most other side effects present themselves in the first two months. “When you look at the history of adverse events, the overwhelming majority, when the FDA looked at it, 90% of more of these adverse events that are beyond the immediate few days to a week, the overwhelming majority of them could occur between 30 and 45 days,” he continued.

He pointed out that before the FDA is “even allowed to issue an emergency use authorization or an approval, they must wait at least 60 days from the time that 50% of the people have received the last dose.”

“So the people like myself and others who have gotten in my case, the Moderna vaccine and in the case of the Pfizer vaccine, you’ve already gone way past the time when the overwhelming majority of long-term adverse events occur. And I think people don’t fully appreciate that,” he continued.

“It’s extremely rare—in fact, in some respects, unheard of—for me to get vaccinated yesterday and three years from now to get an adverse effect from the vaccine.”

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