Weeks After Biden’s Border Crisis Arrives – Donald Trump’s Wall Might Get A Quick Restart

Ever since Biden canceled many of Trump’s orders on the border, many believe the situation has gotten out of control.

America is blaming Biden for the growing crisis if you believe the latest polls. Joe’s border numbers are dropping, and he’s way underwater in approval according to Rasmussen. And he doesn’t seem to be taking much action to fix the border situation.

But it looks like at least someone in his administration realizes a change needs to be made. Because it looks like they are about to do an about-face—and prove Trump right.

From Daily Wire:

Biden Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said during a conversation with ICE employees last week that the administration was considering finishing “gaps in the wall.”…

“The president has communicated quite clearly his decision that the emergency that triggered the devotion of DOD funds to the construction of the border wall is ended. But that leaves room to make decisions as the administration, as part of the administration, in particular areas of the wall that need renovation, particular projects that need to be finished.”

Biden canceled the order to finish the wall made by Trump to address border security. But that left some major gaps sitting open, ready to be exploited.

And many believe Biden triggered a new problem by stopping construction right in the middle of the job. Thousands of migrants have been apprehended over the last few months.

Detention centers are overburdened, and the administration seems to be out of ideas. Images and videos only seem to confirm the problem is out of hand.

So, the DHS is considering finishing “gaps” in Trump’s border wall. There were projects that had not been finished when Biden canceled the project.

Even though he halted the DOD funding, DHS can still complete those projects, finishing portions of the wall or parts that require renovation.

If these considerations go through, it would strike a huge blow against Biden’s immigration doctrine.

Biden ran on the claim that he’d be a better president than Trump because his views would be more humane, compassionate, and “American.”

But just three months in, and Biden’s immigration policy seems to have produced pain, frustration, and less human dignity for those coming in (just look at the children sleeping on floors or under bridges if you don’t believe us).

Returning to build the wall, even just the “gaps” would admit that Trump securing the border was helping. Just imagine what Trump will say if Biden’s DHS admits they need the wall!

Biden claims his policies are better than Trump’s. But guess what? He’s considering going back to Trump’s after things have gotten out of control.

Of course, Biden will continue to blame Trump and take credit for any progress.

Do you think Biden should let DHS finish building Trump’s wall?

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