Why Democrats Bait and Switch to Try and Rename Illegals as Refugees

The Democrat bait and switch on relabeling illegals as refugees has been in the works for much longer than the recent invasion of illegals after Biden took over. This is the end-game for Democrats who want to flood the U.S. with illegals who they hope will be future voters. This is a game-changer.

As refugees or asylum seekers, labeling illegals means they will be considered for cash, medical, educational, and housing benefits. Yes, American taxpayers pay for the freebies these supposed ‘refugees’ receive.

Watch the testimony by John Conyers revealing the effort to rename and therefore reclassify illegals as refugees:

Fast forward to today when Nancy Pelosi mentions the effort to change the system to make it a refugee cause:

While speaking with reporters today, Pelosi said we’re in a “refugee situation.” This is important because Democrats have moved illegal aliens from being Illegal border crossers to being REFUGEES seeking asylum. The difference is that refugees need to surrender themselves at the border, and we have to take them in. Democrats are basically letting anyone and everyone come into the country and then shipping them to wherever they want to go. By designating these illegals as refugees, it is also a license to provide them with money, housing, and a new life compliments of the taxpayers.

Remember when Obama said we would fundamentally transform America? Biden is finishing the job.

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